CIC has “rolling admissions”, which means students may apply and enroll at any point of the year.  The advantage is that students will miss no school as they move from their previous school into our community.  To best meet the individual needs of each student, it is necessary to understand each child’s strengths and potential; therefore, CIC requests a series of documents that can provide a clear picture of each child prior to joining our school.

To begin the enrollment process for your child at the Colegio Internacional de Caracas, we encourage that you provide a list of initial documents. These will initiate a student file and officially start the admissions process.

Email or provide hard copies of the following

  • All school transcripts and report cards (minimum 2 years).
  • Any documentation from your child’s pre-school (Students 2-5 years only).
  • Two photos (passport-style) of your child’s face.
  • Any recommendations from your current/previous school(s).
  • English Language ability confirmation.
  • Updated telephone and emails to receive a CIC response.

These documents should be delivered directly to CIC or sent by email to the following address: or

Once these documents are received by the school, the CIC Admissions Team will contact parents by email or phone call to discuss the interests of the family and provide an invitation to visit the CIC Campus.  After the visit, families will take the final steps toward a potential offer of enrollment for the Colegio Internacional de Caracas.

frequently asked admissions questions

CIC in an international school with a rich history of over 100 years and enrollment is open to international passport holders. CIC does not offer enrollment to families until all documentation is received. Admission is decided collaboratively by a committee of approximately ten (10) teachers, administrators, and board members. CIC reserves the right to decline enrollment based on academic ability, English Language proficiency, by advisement from local embassies, or other criteria.

CIC is accredited by the AdvancED / SACS accrediting body in the United States.  This means that CIC must prove annually that the educational program meets international standards in order to maintain its accreditation.  Similarly, CIC is accredited by the International Baccalaureate Organization to deliver the Middle Years and Diploma Programmes.

CIC offers a comprehensive international curriculum that utilizes standards from many sources.  The primary resource is the IB which is a globally-recognized multi-faceted program that assures excellence in education and admission into the world’s finest universities.  CIC was one of the first schools in Latin America to adopt this program.

No. CIC offers “English Immersion”.  This means that students receive all instruction in English for all classes except Spanish and foreign languages (French, etc.).  Immersion programs are significantly better than bilingual programs for gaining fluency, and for preparing students academically – and for universities abroad.

Yes.  CIC offers a robust English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for all Elementary and Middle School Students.  Grade 11-12 (IBDP students) are expected to have proficient English skills to operate in our International Baccalaureate learning Environment, but all younger students may receive additional English Language support during the school day

CIC hires licensed teachers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Venezuela and elsewhere to maintain an internationally-diverse faculty.  All International Baccalaureate teachers are additionally trained by the IBO, and more curriculum training occurs on the campus and online.  Teachers speak English as the primary instructional language.

All secondary school students are expected to attend university after graduation.  Graduates attend a range of the best schools across four continents (at present).  The CIC Counseling Depart supports each student based on their individual university interests.  More information (including a School Profile) can be obtained directly from the counselors.

In addition to the regular school day, younger students participate in robotics, coding, music, arts, physical education, assemblies, chess, sports, performing arts, and a range of supporting activities during and after school most school days.

CIC understands the need for security during these difficult times.  The campus is secure and provides a 24-hour security team with additional support while students are on campus.  The school may adapt learning days to support the safety of students during tenuous times in Caracas and has a tried and tested virtual school system that can be implemented if necessary.