The CIC Elementary School is filled with fun, laughter, and, most of all, learning. Our students participate in a wide range of activities and we are certainly proud of all their efforts. CIC children continue to strive to be their best, whether it is in the classroom, the dance studio, art room or on the football field. Inquirers, thinkers, communicators, and open-minded are just some of the attributes our students display on a regular basis. Showing that they care, take risks, reflect, are knowledgeable, balanced, and principled are among other IB Learner Profile character attributes our students aim to display in their everyday lives.

Our students, who will become the leaders of tomorrow, currently come from over a dozen different countries. Families at CIC are part of the international business community, the diplomatic community, or other communities located in Caracas. English is the language of instruction and the language generally used by students. Our inquiry-based approach follows US standards: as we are accredited by AdvancED, a US-based accrediting organization.

Our curriculum includes language arts, math, science, humanities, physical education, music, art, technology, and library studies. Our program is further enriched by our on-site sensory-motor integration specialist, as well as English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), and Modern Languages Department.

The Elementary School has assemblies weekly. During these assemblies, new students are introduced and welcomed, birthdays are recognized, different countries represented in the Elementary School community are celebrated. Venezuela is also celebrated through presentations that highlight the beauty and variety of this country. We also recognize those students that have been ‘spotted’ on campus each week exhibiting the IB Learner Profile attributes.

The CIC Elementary School teachers and staff work to be the best they can be, and we all look forward to seeing the smiling faces of our students each and every day. Our open and friendly campus invites our community members to become involved with the school and enjoy the facilities. We provide a warm, caring, and secure environment for our student learners and we welcome parents and families to actively participate.