An important part of the school’s overall administration is the CIC School Board. CIC is a parent-owned school. As such, the school’s administration reports to a school Board elected by the parents. The Board’s most important jobs are assuring that the school’s finances support our academic program and that CIC contracts excellent teachers who can help us meet the school’s mission. Although the administration is responsible for the day to day operations of the school, the Board is responsible for working with the administration, faculty, and parents to set and meet the school’s academic and financial goals.

Board members are elected to either one or two-year terms at the Fall General Assembly. This assembly is usually held in mid-October of each year, and any shareholder can serve on the Board. Those who wish to serve on the Board should contact the Board President or the school’s Superintendent, and volunteers are always welcome.

The Board usually meets monthly. In addition, each Board member is asked to serve on a minimum of one Board committee. These are Buildings and Grounds, Education, Finance, and Marketing. Non-Board members are welcome to serve on any of the committees. The Board President and Superintendent serve on all committees.