Provide excellence in a PN-12 English-speaking environment, and fully prepare each student to prosper in a borderless and innovation-based world.


Become Venezuela’s most aspirational PN-12 learning environment.

CIC supports a series of Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLR’s) that are observable, ambitious outcomes that can be seen across all school settings. CIC students are:

Effective Communicators Who:

  • demonstrate intellectual curiosity and independent as well as collaborative learning
  • demonstrate ability to use reasoning skills to combined with ethical and/or moral values to solve complex problems
  • utilize technology appropriately to gain information and solve problems
  • apply knowledge and skills to new situations
  • make sense of problems and persevere in solving them

Life-long Reflective Learners Who:

  • think about their own thinking
  • recognize and develop strengths and talents
  • assess and improve weaknesses and limitations
  • take an active role in their own learning process
  • work independently and are self-directed

Socially Responsible Global Citizens Who:

  • demonstrate knowledge and awareness of social problems and their implications in both, their own and global communities
  • participate actively and contribute responsibly in projects that improve the community
  • respect cultural diversity via collaboration and self and community advocacy
  • identify and address environmental concerns that affect communities around the world are globally responsible citizens through self-awareness, empathy, and understanding

Critical Thinkers and Problem Solvers Who:

  • listen, speak, read, write, speak, view, and present, and listen effectively and correctly in English
  • reflect and critically evaluate oral, written, and visual information
  • understand, follow, and give directions
  • communicate clearly and appropriately for various outcomes, cultures, and points of view
  • collaborate and communicate with honesty and integrity