The Parent Student Teacher Association (PSTA) has a long successful history at CIC.  The PSTA has been created to provide ways for community members to help realize the CIC Mission and Vision.  This is successfully done through the following:

  • Active support of published long-range school goals
  • Effective communication throughout the school
  • Careful management of events throughout the school year
  • Direct support for the school administration and teachers
  • A more active relationship between parents and the school

Each year the PSTA leads the implementation of many events that include: The Welcome Back BBQ, our Halloween Carnival, The Festival of Lights, Holiday Bazaar, Valentines “Fun Day Sundae”, Spring Fling, cultural or fun trips, coffee hours, English language classes, a lunch group, a culinary club, exercise classes and Friday mini-bazaars and more.  Here, the PSTA encourages everyone in the CIC community to get involved and make a difference.

If anyone is interested in the PSTA or needs more information, he or she may contact any of the school’s administrative personnel for contact information. Or more directly, our Community Liaison can be reached directly at