In the CIC Early Years Program, most children have their first experience in a school setting, so the need for carefully planned and authentic experiences is crucial.  Fortunately, CIC’s full-day English immersion learning environment is perfectly suited for those moving away from parents into a more independent developmental experience.  At CIC, play, community activities, and personal growth drive the classroom which is guided by compassionate educators. 

In the CIC Early Years, students learn English and developmentally-appropriate skills through the manipulation of their environment.  This means parents will see their children painting, singing, discussing, sharing, learning, and expressing themselves in myriad ways, including making a mess!  An exposure to different themes and ideas is foundational as our children learn about themselves and how to be part of a social group.

Though small, our Early Years students are important members of our community and each participates in multi-grade events.  Parents are welcome and play an important supporting role in their child’s education. Through exposure to many experiences in a safe, exciting learning environment, the CIC Early Years program fully assures readiness for our international elementary school.

Visit us and see for yourself how our youngest students develop confidence, grow a love for learning, and start their path as a lifelong learner.