the cic experience

the cic experience

With roots that date back more than a century, CIC looks toward the future while at the same time honoring the past.

For decades, CIC has exhibited a strong sense of purpose, and have kept children at the center of its efforts.  We continue to embrace the balance between the home-country experience and the needs for an international mindset.  Today, CIC continues to provide a strong sense of purpose, recognizing that there remains a need for a truly personal educational experience here in Caracas. 

For decades, our hilltop campus provides the perfect backdrop to the CIC learning experience. Coupled with what we see as an optimal community experience, CIC continues its tradition of excellence and embodies the spirit of its founding.

  • The CIC MISSION is to provide excellence in a PN-12 English-speaking environment, and fully prepare each student to prosper in a borderless and innovation-based world.
  • The CIC VISION is to become Venezuela’s most aspirational PN-12 learning environment.

community voices

community voices

CIC’s inviting and engaged community will make you feel right at home.  Whether you are new to Venezuela, or whether you are transferring from another school, the CIC community assures all are welcome.  From students of all ages to our parents and teachers, the CIC campus celebrates strong relationships and surprising communication and support.



Venezuela, USA, Grade 7

I’m in Grade 9, but I have been at CIC since nursery. Being here is great.  We have so much space for a small school – gardens, classrooms, and more.  And the students are all really friendly – we’re like one big family and we all know each other – across all the grades.  I really like the way CIC teachers run their classes.  They explain everything!  In my Humanities class, we are working hard both on the campus and online, and I recently finished a research paper assessing Christianity and the Bubonic Plague.  When I graduate, I will either study Marine Biology or Fashion Design.  Right now, I am spending a lot of time designing dresses so going to university in Europe is a possibility. But I recently took a trip to Los Roques and I observed coral, urchins and fish.  This made me want to study Marine Biology too, so university in Australia is now an option.



Spain, Grade 1

CIC is not a normal school – it’s humongous!  It’s an international school that has so much to offer.  At school, we have playgrounds, sand areas, and you can even graduate from here.  I have a lot of friends here and I get to know kids from other grades too.  Our teachers are very nice, and Ms. Ani is my favorite.  She lets us write about topics that we like – cool things.  I am really interested in aliens and I am writing about that now.  Did you know aliens could be anywhere – even Saturn or Jupiter?  When I get older, I want to work for NASA.  I am going to be the scientist that checks in on the astronauts.



Italy, Grade 11

I have been at CIC for three years and I’m now an IB Diploma student. At CIC I feel like I am outside Venezuela – our campus has different expectations and traditions, and the learning here is in English.  My classes really make you think, and my teachers are always asking for my opinion in class.  After I graduate, I am planning on attending university in the United States – probably Boston – so I’m setting my personal admissions goals now.  Also, I love to travel and I want career opportunities that open up the world.  Since arriving here, I feel my mind has been opened and I see that before CIC my ideas about my life were a bit too small.  Now, I no longer see limits for my future – only opportunities.



Venezuela, Argentina, Grade 4

I have been at CIC for four years and I came from another school. When I first arrived, I was surprised by how big the school is.  It has a lot of nature and is really clean – and everyone is peaceful.  At CIC, classes are cool and fun and the teachers are great – they pay attention to you and you can ask any question you want.  My favorite part of school is Green Team – it’s a group of students, teachers, and parents that work to help develop our Butterfly Garden and care for the nature on campus – and recycle.  I also like Math class.  I am really good at it and I get to do advanced work.  When I get older, I am going to be a biologist and a veterinarian because I like nature a lot and being with animals, and my favorite color is green. I really want to work in Australia or Africa so I can work with Cat Family animals and my favorite animals which are the cheetah, the lion, and the tiger.

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