the cic experience

the cic experience

With roots that date back more than a century, CIC looks toward the future while at the same time honoring the past.

For decades, CIC has exhibited a strong sense of purpose, and have kept children at the center of its efforts.  We continue to embrace the balance between the home-country experience and the needs for an international mindset.  Today, CIC continues to provide a strong sense of purpose, recognizing that there remains a need for a truly personal educational experience here in Caracas. 

For decades, our hilltop campus provides the perfect backdrop to the CIC learning experience. Coupled with what we see as an optimal community experience, CIC continues its tradition of excellence and embodies the spirit of its founding.

  • The CIC MISSION is to provide excellence in a PN-12 English-speaking environment, and fully prepare each student to prosper in a borderless and innovation-based world.
  • The CIC VISION is to become Venezuela’s most aspirational PN-12 learning environment.

community voices

community voices

CIC’s inviting and engaged community will make you feel right at home.  Whether you are new to Venezuela, or whether you are transferring from another school, the CIC community assures all are welcome.  From students of all ages to our parents and teachers, the CIC campus celebrates strong relationships and surprising communication and support.

Camila Urdaneta (4)


Venezuela, Grade 2
Emilia Solarte (5)


USA, Venezuela, Grade 6

I love CIC! I have been here since Pre-Nursery, and I am about to start Middle School. CIC is my second home! I love how pretty, nice and big it is, everyone here makes you feel like family. I have many friends from other nationalities and different cultures, it is so fun to learn about them. With the IB, and the awesome education we get here, we have bigger chances of getting into a good university outside the country. When I grow up I want to be a very important lawyer and win many cases! At school, we have something called Mouse which stands for: Members of the United Students of Elementary where we organize different events, like Spirit Days. It is great! I love it and there are different positions,currently I am the president so I announce the events of the week and I talk about certain topics. It is awesome! For classes I really like Drama with Ms. Irma and P.E with Mr. Armando, all the teachers at CIC have given me the best time ever, that’s for sure . We never stop learning, so why not learn in a fun way at CIC?



Venezuela, USA, Grade 11

This year is my thirteenth year at this school, and I have never been happier to study at CIC! I love CIC because we are open to a variety of cultures and we are able to adapt to the needs of other students. Even though we are a small, but growing family, we all know each other and we work together to have a better community. CIC’s installations are great since we have the perfect combination of structures and green areas, where students are able to play. The school also offers a variety of different afterschool activities. I personally have participated for the past 4 years in the Green Team, the ecological group of the school. Once a week we have meetings to develop new plans on how we are able to solve problems that affect the environment inside and outside of the school. Activities like such have allowed me to identify the areas of study that I would take in university. Soon, when I graduate I will go to Europe to start with my studies in Sustainable Architecture or Environmental Studies.

Fernando Vasquez (8)


Spain, Grade 5

CIC is a great school because it offers many interesting subjects, like for  example,  we have Robotics, a class focused on teaching us basic coding skills, and if you want to make a robot or to explore Mars when you grow up this class is for you! Another reason why CIC is great is that every grade teaches you about a different civilization, for example, in 4th grade you learn about Ancient Greece and in 5th grade you will learn about Ancient Rome! In conclusion, if you want your children to have  a good and international education, come to CIC!

Yilam Morillo (1)


Venezuela, Argentina, Grade 8

I have been at CIC for four years and I came from another school. When I first arrived, I was surprised by how big the school is.  It has a lot of nature and is really clean – and everyone is peaceful.  At CIC, classes are cool and fun and the teachers are great – they pay attention to you and you can ask any question you want.  My favorite part of school is Green Team – it’s a group of students, teachers, and parents that work to help develop our Butterfly Garden and care for the nature on campus – and recycle.  I also like Math class.  I am really good at it and I get to do advanced work.  When I get older, I am going to be a biologist and a veterinarian because I like nature a lot and being with animals, and my favorite color is green. I really want to work in Australia or Africa so I can work with Cat Family animals and my favorite animals which are the cheetah, the lion, and the tiger.

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