CIC is an excellent place to collaboratively teach and continuously learn. We place a premium on finding teachers who have intellectual curiosity, the ability to relate positively to others in the school community, and who commit themselves to teach and learn from other faculty members and students.  Exploring this website you will learn a great deal about CIC, our faculty, our students and the campus. If you have a specific question, send an email to the Superintendent, Gustavo A. Sever, MAEd. at

Our hope is that all CIC teachers become directly involved in the academic and non-academic life of the school, and our departments work very hard to continually improve and modify our curriculum. This takes everyone’s commitment to enhancing constructive dialogue among colleagues. This commitment is especially important because we are making a concerted effort to adhere to the dictates of the inquiry-based elementary program as well as the secondary school’s IBMYP and IBDP programs.

Our extracurricular programs run the gamut from athletics to fine arts to our Model UN. We hope that every teacher finds a way participate and to make these programs better. Equally important are the efforts that each of us expends in order to make the school an enjoyable place to be. Our students and faculty find the school to be a warm and nurturing environment and we seek teachers who can contribute to this environment.